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The objective of this wiki is to be a useful user friendly resource to use to find out what drinks have what ingredients in them and detailed additional information on these basic parts. Knowledge about ingredients can be helpful in finding similar products to the ones you like or to help avoid less healthy ingredients and additives like high fructose corn syrup or certain dyes.

Please note our focus is on processed beverages as found regularly available in stores. Sadly self mixed or altered drinks like your favorite cocktail do not belong here since they vary between individual mixings and can be a biased subject. The specific focus is products as they are unopened. This makes all samples equal.

All types of drinks are welcome here but the dominant focus is energy drinks, health drinks, sodas, and juices (many brands of juice are diluted or pumped full of sweeteners).

Let's keep things neutralEdit

Posts here need to remain generally unbiased and stick to the facts. This is not a place to launch an advertising campaign, fight over which thing is better, or attack those who have differing tastes than you. We all have the right to enjoy what we want be they unhealthy or not. The point isn't to shun ingredients but to make ourselves more informed consumers.

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